Cast Iron Crew – Justin Schram

December 3, 2020

San Diego-based Justin Schram is a brand-new member of the Cast Iron Crew. His territory is Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) and Southern Nevada. With a background that includes working with plumbers and installers of water filtration and pool equipment products, Justin is applying his people, sales management and marketing skills to his exciting new role as a CISPI regional representative.

In addition to the Institute, he finds social media and trade association websites to be excellent sources of information about plumbing.

“Amazing and knowledgeable people work at CISPI.  The Institute fosters a family culture and encourages everyone to work together to accomplish our shared mission.”

When not working, Justin enjoys the great outdoors with family at the beach, hiking, backpacking, camping and playing sports. He has camped in Death Valley National Part, the lowest elevation in North America – and the hottest point on earth! Justin is quick to point out that his camping adventure was not in the summer.

Downtime also includes binge-watching episodes of Yellowstone with his wife and the newest family member nearby – the 1 1/2-year-old, biscuit-craving and attention-grabbing rescue dog Bisco.

Justin also loves to explore live music and unique local restaurants of all types. He looks forward to memorable dining experiences with new customers – new friends.