Go Green with Sustainable Pipe & Couplings

Cast iron soil pipe is sustainable

Known for durability and sound attenuation, cast iron soil pipe is also the choice for sustainability.

Engineers, contractors, and consumers have long appreciated many of the qualities of cast iron. Cast iron soil pipe systems have earned the reputation for being quiet, reliable, noncombustible, and highly durable. Another key advantage of cast iron soil pipe is its sustainability. When considering the impact on the environment, specify the product that is made from a MINIMUM of 96% recycled content. Unlike PVC, cast iron soil pipe can be recycled at the end of its life.

Sustainable Pipe & Couplings Use Recycled Material

Environmental sustainability measures how well materials meet present needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. Selecting  environmentally sustainable materials is an integral part of what makes the completed building “green.”

Post-Consumer Recycled

Many materials manufacturers struggle to make their finished goods recyclable in an effort to label them “environmentally friendly.” The member foundries of the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute have taken “environmentally friendly” to a level beyond “recyclable” by utilizing 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials in the production process. Few construction materials can support this claim.

Recyclable and Reusable

A product cast from recycled materials can itself be re-melted and recycled at the end of its useful life. Recycled materials make cast iron soil pipe

Scrap iron and steel used to produce new cast iron soil pipe and fittings includes, in addition to parts from your old ‘72 Buick, old cast iron pipe and fittings (See Figure 8.) not to mention other scrap materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

In addition, engineers renovating old buildings often choose to reuse much of their old cast iron DWV systems. Reusing old cast iron materials can often lower renovation costs. It also decreases the number of new resources expended in the renovation—another net gain for our environment.

CISPI Members Have Third-Party Verification.

The verification was conducted by ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES) with the provisions of the ICC-ES SAVE (Sustainable Attributes Verification and EvaluationTM) Guideline for Determination of Recycled Content of Materials (EG101).

The Institute’s members received a Verification of Attributes Report, which can be located at the following links (AB&I – VAR#1022Charlotte Pipe & Foundry – VAR#1021, and Tyler Pipe – VAR#1020).

ICC-ES is the United States’ leading source of technical information on building products and building technology for code compliance. A nonprofit company, ICC-ES performs technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of reports on compliance with the major U.S. building codes, which are available at www.icc-es.org.

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Need assistance or technical information on cast iron soil pipe and fittings?

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