Cast Iron Crew – Jax Parney

October 16, 2020

Meet Your Cast Iron Crew –

Jax Parney

Jax Parney was adopted into the Cast Iron Crew family in June 2020. Originally known as Archie, Jax immediately took to his apprentice training consisting of learning to sniff out and pick up cast iron tensile bars. He has discovered a great fondness for the smell and taste of good cast iron.

Jax’s favorite people are his human family: Dave, Debbie and Nicole. In fact, he insists he is a human trapped in a dog’s body.

I’m excited to be a part of the Cast Iron Crew and I’m looking forward to doing a good job! My goal is to become the best cast iron pipe sniffing dog in the world!

When not lounging in one of his four beds, Jax loves to play in the great outdoors in Mundelein, Illinois, chasing down anything that moves and grazing from the 4 food groups: grass, dirt, flowers and bugs (especially ants). His humans spoil him with Red Barn treats (which are almost as good as ants). A fast eater, Jax has to eat his puppy food from a puzzle dish to slow down his chow time.

Known as sweet, silly and gentle among his companions, Jax cheerfully does chores like carrying the newspapers from the driveway into the house every morning. He is a natural sports fan, always trying to catch the balls, along with anything else that can be thrown.